Training is a fundamental phase for the growing specialization of company staff and the first step to be one step ahead in the emergence of new market challenges, which require new approaches and new organizational systems.

Being prepared means having solid foundations and strategic thinking.

Because we consider training essential, we have catalog courses (you can consult the training available clicking here) and personalized courses, tailored to each objective set.

Because we know that each company has its own reality, Acadbim diagnoses the needs for training and/or consulting tailored to each company.

In this diagnosis we include the general objectives to be achieved with the training and/or consultancy, the specific objectives, contents, duration and follow-up.

The schedule is defined by mutual agreement and with all the necessary flexibility, avoiding sharp breaks in production.
Acadbim’s training, being personalized, turns out to have more effective results when directed towards the specific objectives outlined for the company.


Empresas e instituições com as quais colaboramos